Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Brad and I had been talking about getting some more things for Blair to play with outside. Without a paved driveway for her to ride or push toys on, there are not many things for her to do independently in our yard -- except play with our rocks (which she tries to EAT!). Yesterday we finally picked up a slide for her, and she likes it!

 Looking at her daddy and then me.

 Signature Blair.

 Climing's no problem for this gal!

Watch mama!


I love how she has her mouth open in every single picture going down the slide.

 One of my favorites.

She's so little, so maybe she'll enjoy it for at least the summer! I'm sure we'll have to be on to bigger and better things soon!

A friend also is letting me borrow their sandbox they no longer use! Yay! I was just about to buy one, so that worked out great. Hopefully Blair will be entertained enough by these that she won't run to the neighbors' yard (too often) to be gnawed on by their puppies!


Jen O'Daniel said...

I love the "Signature Blair" picture -- those puckered up lips are too much!!! Adorable!!!

Suz said...

Audrey goes down slides with her eyes closed, makes me laugh!