Friday, May 28, 2010

Sweet Ones

Blair's cousin Turner was in town this week, and I'm so glad he and Blair got to spend some time together. When he got there, Blair was hilarious! She ran all over the house grabbing this and that to show him. She was big time showing out! She kept opening her mouth really wide like she was so excited to see him and couldn't believe he was there (like he was a long lost best friend!).

I think Blair has played with children two other times in her 19 months (I know, this is terrible, but it's just not worth it. She can play with whomever she wants when she can handle a cold!), so I was very proud of how sweet she was.

 Both listening to "Wheels on the Bus."

Blair put her ball in Turner's outfit -- one of her favorite hiding places!

We couldn't get over how sweet they were to each other. Look at these two sweet babies doing this all on their own -- no parent prompting required.

They shared so well and played and played together. Blair was a tad stingy with her Cozy Coupe, but she got the taking turn thing down without any fitting at all.


 We got her to push instead.

She's serious this time!

So Turner pushed.

They ate and ate -- apple jacks, craisins, and pretzels! Blair liked to give hers to Turner. The only thing is that she gave him food like she gives food to Gus -- by throwing it on the floor. We'll have to work on that!

Giving Turner craisins by dropping them in the floor of the car.

Turner finally got an Apple Jack out of her hand!

 And he got a hand in the face too! Oops.

Trying to feed Gus through the window.
She likes to sit on the windowsill.

Blair is a tad more rambunctious than sweet Turner, but they are also very much alike. They are both tiny! And they both crawled on one knee when they were younger. The two also throw their hands up on a regular basis to indicate that they don't know or to ask where something is. And they like to clean.

 First you have to mess up -- by pouring craisins on the floor.

Cleaning with her blanket.

How sweet! Turner came to help.


Blair also cleaned the dog bowl out with a roller.

Turner found one of Blair's play spots!

These two had a great afternoon together. Blair was looking all over for Turner when she got up from her nap!
We hope you see you all again soon!


Bonnie said...

Too cute!! They look like they had such fun together!

AA said...

Hilarious! I love when little kids hug- so sweet! Hope you guys have a great holiday weekend!

Jen O'Daniel said...

Those pictures of Turner and Blair hugging are SOOOOOOO SWEET!!! I'm envisioning a rehearsal dinner slide show down the way...

mountain mama said...

too darn sweet. i love the pics of them hugging!! why can't blair handle a cold very well??

ya'll have a great weekend!!!