Friday, May 7, 2010

Sidebelly and Friends

A few years ago, Brad and I had a frog on our back doorstep almost every single night during the summer and into the fall. The same one came back every night -- we think. Brad named him Sidebelly. Sidebelly was quite entertaining. I even started knocking bugs off of the screened door for him. It was the coolest thing to watch him eat. His tongue was so fast we couldn't even see it!


Being fascinated by frogs is nothing new to me. I have always loved frogs. I used to play with them when I was little. I'd go outside to my grandmother's side porch where there were damp spots and find one to play with.

Last night I noticed that we had three frogs on our back steps! It brought back memories of Sidebelly. These three frogs are smaller, and they were scared when I opened the door and jumped off of the steps. Sidebelly, on the other hand, never moved when he used to visit. Maybe Sidebelly's friends will continue to visit and get used to us too!

I just noticed that this one's eyes look blue! I guess it was the flash. Who knows, but it looks neat!


Unknown said...

We have some little frog friends that visit us at my friends shop. They eat the bugs that fall from the light. It is funny how everyone will just step around them. They are part of the "Hump Day" crew. They are not scared of us at all.

mountain mama said...

cool! we have lizards all over our back porch and we can hear the frogs in the swamp in the backyard singing us to sleep! :)
have a great mother's day!!!