Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sandbox Snake

Blair and I were playing in the sandbox in Saturday -- from the outside of course -- when she decided she wanted to swing.

I put the top back on the sandbox, and we walked over to the swing a few feet away. After a couple of minutes I walked back towards the sandbox to get something, and there was a huge snake stretched out from the sandbox to the flower bed next to it! It was probably over 4 feet long. I definitely startled because we had just been right there. I realized it was a king snake, so I got Blair to show her (and to tell her that we don't touch snakes) -- I've seen so many in the road lately, and I don't want her to think they're to play with!

I think the snake may have been under the sandbox. On each side of the box, there are holes to which we attach a bungee cord to secure the top. I'm wondering if the snake had crawled into the hole and found a nice cozy place to sleep in the hollow part of the sandbox!

 You can tell I work real hard in my flower beds. Maybe after school is done....

We watched him crawl through the flowerbed and onto the "patio" (really the left over slab from a storage building that is no longer there) in our yard. And you would not believe that that snake slide into a separation between the slab and the concrete border around it and went all the way under the concrete! 

He just kept disappearing!

I'm wondering if he might live at our house because he sure knew where he was going, and today I found a skin that he had shed near the flower bed. I'm so thankful it was a king snake. As long as he kills the rattlesnakes, he can live here as long as he wants!


Unknown said...

Nice pet Ash!!

CHERI said...

Mia & I had to move our Fairy Garden because a grass snake decided to take up residence there. I tried to explain this to Mia and she seemed to be OK with it. She said, "That snake needed a home." We'll move the Fairy Garden to a new home soon!

Dana said...

Not a bad little pet. Snakes are good for all sorts of things, so long as they aren't venomous! I ran into a rattle snake last year and it about scared the life out of me!