Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Nanny and Her Twins

Blair and I rode around on the golf cart last weekend in search of geese, horses, and goats.

We had a pair of geese last year on the pond, and this year they're back -- or a couple is back. Who knows if it's the same one or not. They have five goslings that were born last week. The parents are extremely protective. When we ride around the pond, they swim out towards the middle with their heads lowered to the surface of the water, and when we get too close, the little ones plunge down in the water.

 No babies in sight.

About 10 seconds later, they pop up one by one all over the place!

One baby!

Three babies!

Five babies all spread out.

They catch back up with mom and dad and head on their way.

There is a horse down the dirt road from the barn, so we headed that way next. The horse was gone though, so we kept going to see if he was in another pen on down the road. I also remembered that there were some goats, so I hoped that Blair was going to get to see them for the first time. Plus, I wanted to take some pictures!

The goats are in a little area next to some horses. I just love their place. 

 It's like they've come out on the porch to see their visitors!

Doesn't it look so funny that they have their own house?

Blair wanted to touch them so badly, but Gus scared them and they wouldn't get off of their porch.

We're gonna go back with food next time!