Monday, May 24, 2010

Ladies... and Gentleman?

Aren't you all dying to hear more about chickens? Well, here it is! I know you are so excited!

I'm wondering if Brenda Brown, my bossy hen, might be a rooster. She's the only one I've named so far, and it turns out she might be a he! Figures. I really don't know because I just don't know that much about chickens, but Brenda, or Bert if she's a he, sure is growing faster than her "sister" -- my other Production Red. Brenda Brown got a comb really early, and now she looks like she's several weeks ahead of her sister who hatched the same day. In fact, her sister hardly has a comb at all, nor do any of the other hens. It's like Brenda Brown hit early maturity or something!

 Both of them together.

Are there any chicken people who can tell me what you think?

If Brenda turns out to be Bert, it really wouldn't be so bad. I had not planned on having a rooster, but I'll take him. Then we might hatch some chicks next spring, so we won't go the winter without eggs. These hens will start laying in August or September and lay for a year straight. Then, if I don't put a light in the house, they'll take the winter off. So if I have new hens, they'll be laying by then and continue all through the winter. That's a long way off, but it's an option!

In other chicken news... they are getting huge! The Wyandottes have changed the most. They were so ugly to begin with, but now their feathers are so pretty. They are getting more white on their bodies and wings. 


 Wyandotte and Barred Rock arguing over a bug or something!

The Barred Rocks look the same as they always have. They are starting to get combs.

 Production Red and Barred Rock

And the Production Reds -- especially Brenda/Bert -- are getting some greenish feathers in their tails. They have really turned out to be a lot prettier than I expected. Brenda is the best about letting me touch and hold her. The others let me, but they are quite vocal about it at first!

And they love outside. I've been letting them out for a few hours a day several days a week. I usually let them out in the afternoon, and by 7:30, they go back in their pen and into their house. It's pretty neat!

They eat grass and scratch all in the leaves in the woods.

 Scratching a big hole in the leaves. They head straight to the same tree every day.

They pretty much stay together right around the pen. The first time I let them out, there were two in the pen who couldn't figure out how to get out. They were watching their friends through the fence!

They finally figured it out but were a little timid to begin with.

The timid little hen... and my chicken shoes.

Now all of the chickens try to run out the door whenever I open it!

Especially the boss.

I can't wait to see what I end up having! I'll know for sure in a few weeks. They're 10 and 1/2 weeks old now!


Unknown said...

This is just too funny!!!!!

Joanna Davis said...

you are so funny with all your farm-speak! thought i have ZERO clue what you're talking's funny!

Molly @ View From a Saddle said...

I think it's a rooster. The green feathers are a dead give away. That's what I was thinking before I read that you said it was getting green feathers.
at least you'll have a sweet rooster!

mountain mama said...

my vote is it's a bert. it looks like he has more feathers in the rear and the size is usually a give away, i think.

this post sure made me miss our chickens!!! yours look beautiful, healthy and happy!
good job, chicken lady! :)