Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Few Weeks to Watermelons

Blair and I went back out to the same little spot in a watermelon field that we had been to at the end of March right before planting and then again in early May a few weeks after the plants were planted. It sure looks a lot different now!

Blair spotted some baby watermelons.

Tap, tap. Not ready yet!

And a big one too!

This one's close!

Too heavy!

Below is the spot where I took this picture before the plants were in the ground.

The watermelon vines look so pretty from a distance. You can see a bunch of baby watermelons along the "middle"!

And I love this one showing the rows. They turn back the vines to the harvesting crews can drive down in between the rows. Brad says they look like green pillows -- and they do!

Not too much longer!


mountain mama said...

oh my gosh...look at all those goodies you all have planted!!!! blair looks adorable out there in the melon patch! too cute!!!