Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dip Baby

We have this place down the street that is just like Dairy Queen, except it's not Dairy Queen. They have everything that you might order at Dairy Queen -- the same burgers, identical onion rings, and the yummy calorie-laden chicken finger basket that I used to eat on a regular basis when I was young and my body could handle it, but their name is not Dairy Queen. And they didn't forget the "Blendie" -- that's "Blizzard" in non-Dairy Queen talk -- and dipped cones! So we pretty much have a Dairy Queen -- and that's about it for food!

Blair and I were riding around trying to find something to do after picking strawberries Saturday before last when I decided to get her a dipped cone. I quickly found out that this girl loves a dipped cone!

 Trying it out. 

 Let's see about the tip.

Pretty good!

In for the kill!


 Taking charge!

She's doing pretty good!

I'd like to do that again sometime!


mountain mama said...

mmm...i LOVE dip cones. annie has that dress too! love it!