Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blair and Mrs. Wishy Washy

We recently found out that Blair is much more like her daddy than we thought. Brad is a very clean person. Since he was little, although he has always loved to work in the barn and get dirty, he has liked to be clean. Of course, I like to be clean too (doesn't everyone?!), but Brad's a little bit more obsessive about it!

Last week at Blair's early intervention hearing appointment, Blair did her first little art project with sunflower seeds! And we have some growing in the kitchen window!

Then her teacher did a lesson with a book called Mrs. Wishy-Washy. Mrs. Wishy-Washy has a cow, a duck, and a pig who all love the "lovely mud," so they all jump in and get really dirty. She gives them a bath, and they go right back outside and get in the mud again.

Blair's teacher, Mrs. Linda, told Blair that Mrs. Wishy-Washy looked like a farmer's wife. Hmmmmm. What's she tryin' to say?! 

Blair's lessons are all about language. First we made mud -- emphasizing dirt, water, pour, stir around and around, and so on -- and the language emphasis continues throughout. Mrs. Linda got out the three main characters, and we started reading the book. 

When the cow jumped in the mud, she took the little plastic Little People cow. He ran and jumped in the mud we had made, and she swirled him around real good. She showed him to Blair and told her he was dirty! And she set him aside. At this point, Blair was looking like she was about to frown. I told Mrs. Linda that it looked like she was about to get upset, but I thought I had made it up, and we continued.

 Blair's placemat. Mrs. Wishy Washy says, "Oh no!"

So just about when it was time for the pig to get in the mud and get dirty, we had tears. Big tears. And a big frown. And a red face. Blair was SO upset! She was nearly inconsolable. She did not want those animals to be dirty! She hardly ever cries, but she cried and cried. And she wanted to get up. "Up mmm, up mmm," she kept saying. But Mrs. Linda kept going.

Finally it was time for the animals to get in the bath. Blair saw that clean cow, and she was all of a sudden just fine -- and pointing! She was pointing as hard as she could to tell us to get those other animals in that bath! The girl likes to be clean! Maybe that's why she plays in her sandbox while sitting in the grass!

Afterwards, we got some edible "mud" (chocolate pudding) and animal crackers dirty and licked them clean. She liked that. Then Blair used the pudding to make Mrs. Wishy-Washy's animals on her laminated placemat dirty and then made them clean. She liked that too. She alternated finger painting and licking her finger!

It was a very cute lesson on clean and dirty, and it taught me a little something about Miss Blair!

This week we did the pudding activity at home.

 The cow jumps in the mud and gets dirty!

Lick him clean!

She was really dipping into the mud. And look at her mouth!

She was sure to clean her fingers too!

Time to get the animals on the placemat muddy.

Make the duck dirty. Oooo, he's muddy!

Two hands.

More cleaning.

Wash, wash, wash the duck. Wash the duck today...

Trying to say "wash" -- with an "f."

All clean!

Then I had to wash, wash, wash our clothes -- we had chocolate pudding everywhere!


CHERI said...

Mrs. Wishy Washy is one of my favorites!!! Blair & Reid must be related....he doesn't like anything to get on his shoes.

Julia said...

She is hilarious! An adorable personality to match that adorable little face!

Lynn @whispersfromwildwood said...

What a sweet story! Thanks for sharing.

mountain mama said...

we love mr. wishy washy...i didn't know there was a mrs!!!!!

blair is just precious!!