Saturday, May 15, 2010


At 19 months, Blair is changing so much that I have to get it documented. I was going to do updates every three months, but I'll forget by then!

We are excited about her recent language development. Her expressive language probably suffers some since she's always around adults who will meet her needs without her asking and since she's never around other children. We'll just keep doing what we can! Even though she might be a tad behind (it's really hard to tell since kids are all so different), we are glad to see some words coming out on a regular basis. Just recently, she has started consistently pointing and offering words instead of saying them when I ask her to, and she's saying a few two word phrases, which is good. She says around 30 words and will repeat others but doesn't use them spontaneously yet. Hopefully we'll see big steps now that she's talking on her terms! She is still very stubborn about repeating things -- for example, she says "mama" (all the time!) but refuses to say "more" or "milk" -- both of which she knows signs for. Lately I have her saying "mmmmm" for "more" and "milk" to get us going in the right direction.

Her newest thing is playing with the water spigot in the yard. She calls it "off." (We're working on the "on" part.) I gave Gus a bath last week, so now Blair wants to play with the hose and sprayer, too.

Blair has 15 teeth now. She got three this month -- another molar, a top canines, and the other bottom canine. She wears a size 3 diaper, size 18 months clothes, and size 4 shoe. For the first time, she lost weight this month and weighs 18 pounds 6 ounces. It might have to do with my giving her very few to no bottles. Although she doesn't mind a sippy (as long as it doesn't have the no-spill stopper!) or cup with a straw, she doesn't drink Pediasure nearly as well out of a cup. I thought her appetite would pick up without a bottle, but it hasn't, so we're debating on whether it's that big of a deal for her to just have the bottle for a little longer. 

Speaking of eating, Blair still begs for a waffle for just about every meal. I can ask her what she wants for breakfast, lunch, or supper, and her answer is always "awa!" I make them using my favorite recipe and give her a half. Her little ritual is to first break off some of the waffle design off of the top. Then, she breaks off pieces the size of her palm and tears really small pieces off of that one to eat. She still eats little to no meat. If there are little meatballs in pasta, she spits them out. Thank goodness for Pediasure because protein is a problem. No meat, eggs, or cheese. She will eat peanut butter on a banana and sometimes with jelly in a sandwich. She loves most any fruit but very few vegetables. She won't even eat carrots anymore.

 Eating pasta! Notice the meat she has spit out.

Collection of meatballs in her bib!

The problem is that she will always eat something sweet -- poor thing is like her mama! Yogurt is still our standby meal that she will most always eat.

 Chocolate pudding any day and chowing down on yogurt melts.

Blair made her first visit to Chick-fil-a (her first fast food!). It was after 1pm, so the restaurant was almost empty. I even let her try a french fry, but she didn't eat a thing other than applesauce that I had packed and a few fingers worth of Polynesian sauce!

She loves animals.

Trying to feed Molly's cow Opie who is apparently scared of little people.

She is still rear-facing in the car, and we have no plans to turn her any time soon. She doesn't know any different, and it hasn't been a problem. 

This is a video of her laughing. We went over a bump in our driveway, and she laughed so when I said "bomp bomp," so I took out the camera and did it some more. It's pretty cute. 

And Blair photography from her car seat. My camera will keep her quiet for a while!

She gives the best hugs. She gives you a big "uuuh, uh"!

She loves to rock herself in the rocking chair.

Her little obsessions are so funny. She loves a top and wants to put the top on everything that has one. Top to her yogurt (the thin metallic ones), a bowl, a food container, the crayons -- all tops. 

And she can't resist a bath towel. She pulls them all out of her drawer, takes them out of laundry baskets, and drags them around the house.

She loves Gus. He gets ridden, covered up (with her bath towel), and stepped on regularly.


She says "Dada" when she sees a tractor.

She still loves to cook.

Blair may be turning into a little bit more of a mommy's girl than she used to 
be. We'll have to wait and see how that turns out!

But she's still not interested in cooperating for my photos!

We're starting to color a little bit. Blair has gotten more and more interested in the last month and is now the proud owner of a few real drawings!

Brad and Blair take the trash out together. Brad carries her, and she likes to try to hold the bag. When she's held the trash bag for as long as she can, she says, "dada" in her grunting voice! She is so funny about carrying stuff -- she grunts most anytime she pick something up! 

She's got some new dance moves. Pretty funny.

She's into dishes. I cannot count the number of times I've put my casserole dishes up after she got them out and "stirred" something in them on the kitchen floor. Right now, there is one on the floor that is holding every single Fridge Farm and Fridge Phonics magnet off of the refrigerator.

She refuses to get out of her car seat for at least a few minutes after we stop unless there is serious motivation. She says "sssss" (her way of being and saying "silly") and tries to buckle herself back up.

 "More swinging, Mama!"

 She's a mess!


Linsey said...

Those are the SWEETEST videos :)

Katie Garvin said...

Oh my gosh...that bomp bomp video made me laugh out loud!! How sweet!