Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rocks. All day long.

It's pretty normal for Blair to wake up first thing in the morning wanting to go outside. Saturday morning Blair found her hat and wanted me to put it on her. Then, she found her coat on top of a stack of winter clothes I had set aside to put up. (She's still in winter outside mode!) She tried her best to put the coat on, headed towards the door as she fumbled with the arms. "Out!"

No idea. This is just Blair.

So out we went. We checked on the chickens and came back in until it was warmer and less dewy.

We stayed outside for a really long time. We mostly played with rocks.
After we went in for a nap and came back out, she once again plopped herself down right in the driveway and picked up her shovel. Blair can play with the rocks in our driveway for hours on end without stopping. And she walks on them barefooted! I have pretty tough feet, and I don't even like to do that!

Into the boat, pour them out, into the boat, pour them out.

Then she wanted to swing. How do I know? Because she's got the ball. Doesn't everyone swing with a ball?

  Okay, mama, put me up there!

So she swings with the ball.

 And I grab it from her, and she laughs hysterically. I give it back, grab it, she laughs. It goes on and on. That's our swinging game!

We love outside!


AA said...

She is so adorable, seriously. I love the picture of her smiling with the purple ball!

Bonnie said...

Ashlee, she is just so cute!! And looks like she is back in good health! I'm so glad!!