Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The One Where I Talk About Strippin'

I promise this post is rated G.

I called Brad yesterday on my way home. "Are you strippin'?", I asked.


Is it really okay that my husband is working as a stripper today? During spring in south Georgia, you bet it is!

This time of year we get to make lots of jokes about strippin', because Brad is using the strip till plow to get the land ready to plant cotton. After several years of having the plow, it's a normal question during this time of year, but it's still amusing and fun to play with.

Quick explanation for those of you who haven't had the opportunity to learn farm stuff -- I'm still an amateur, so I'll do my best.... The strip till plow is a soil conservation friendly way to plant. The old way is harrowing, or completely tearing up the ground with a plow, to lay rows and plant. This turns all the dirt and allows it to wash easily in heavy rain. The strip till plow only turns strips (or stripes!) in the field, leaving parts of the field with unturned land with some type of vegetation. Seeds are planted in the tilled parts, and the untilled parts remain to reduce washing and erosion. You can strip till over/around what was in the field during the prior season, like cotton stalks, or you can plant a cover crop, like wheat or rye I think, during the off season and strip till it come spring. Then, you have dead wheat/rye in between the rows of planted cotton seeds that keeps the ground more stable.

There he is! You can see the "before" in foreground, and then if you look closely to the right of the tractor you can see the "stripes" after tilling.

That's our farm lesson for today!