Thursday, April 8, 2010

Movin' Out

My chickens are growing like crazy! I moved them to the coop this week. They are not the brightest things... they have no idea how to use the ramp to get in their house, so I have to go out there and put them in it every night. I guess they'll eventually get it. They do stay in the house for the night and know how to get out of it at least.

Here they are at two weeks three days old. I didn't get to post these while Blair was sick.

Here they are at three weeks three days old. 

Look how much bigger they are and how much their tail feathers have grown in just one week!

Boss lady being very curious!

Playing with something they found in the yard.

  I love this one. Her feathers are really neat.

This is a Barred Rock. They are looking more and more like they will when they are full grown.

 They Wyandottes on the other hand are UGLY! They will be much prettier later. The gimp chicken, in the middle here, is now reintegrated into the group...minus a toenail.

They like being in the yard and are very curious, but I only let them out for a few minutes. They are getting harder to catch! I think the dogs' barking scared them though, because a couple of them kept lying down and acting like they were injured! I'm assuming that's what it was. Buddy was going crazy. He grabbed the chain link fence with his teeth and shook it. I guess they realize he's not their friend!


Jen O'Daniel said...

I saw a reference there to "Boss Lady" - have you named them all? My dad named his chickens, or at least some of them... and he affectionately referred to them as "Maude and the girls" - and yes, Maude is a family name! Ha!

Molly @ View From a Saddle said...

Um, Gus is scary. First kitty Anna... don't let chickens be second!

They are lookin' good though!! :) I want to come see them in their house!