Saturday, April 10, 2010

Field Trip

Blair and I went on a field trip yesterday for her half birthday. Since we can't go visit and play with people and other kids, we just have to do our own thing! We headed down the street to the strawberry patch to pick some strawberries. I wasn't sure how it was going to go, but this girl did great!

Isn't this hysterical?! She's got her purse on her arm, holding her stuffed strawberry, with sunglasses in place!

She wanted to pick all the strawberries. She kept signing "more."

Then, she kept saying "mmmm," and I thought she was trying to say "more" -- "mama" is the only "m" word we say right now. Yay Blair! Nope. She had spotted the longhorns way off across the patch and adjacent pasture and was pointing at them and mooing!

You can barely even see one white one between the trees. Blair must have good eyes!

I picked the strawberries and set them on the plastic so Blair could pick them up and put them in the bucket. She did so well! When she got tired, she started poking holes in the plastic, but we were ready to go by that point.

I found one!

Putting them in the bucket.

Look at all my strawberries!

And off she goes to find some more! She's so growny, isn't she?

I might make some strawberry bread. I'll have to share pictures and the recipe when I get finished. Yum! And of course Brad has been begging for a strawberry cake since the day after he finished off the last one I made -- like two weeks ago!


AA said...

Ash- she looks precious!! Great outfit and the sunglasses crack me up! Have a great day.