Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Farm Cribs

If there was a farm channel on tv and on that channel there was a program called Farm Cribs, I think my chickens would be on it. I've seen chicken coops that have lots of bells and whistles and pretty paint, but I think that my husband did a pretty darn good job on these chickens' crib.

And he closed this thing up as tight as possible. He's got boards down below so it's hard for other animals to dig in, and he put chicken wire and plywood on top as well to keep the chickens in and other stuff out!

And I think they like it!

They have finally figured out how to use the ramp to go both up and down -- since I pour food on the entire thing!

Their house is amazing, complete with underneath storage and a back door that opens for cleaning!

I love the door. I think I might paint it red or something.

See the roosting bars Brad put up on each side? That's where they're supposed to sleep. They can't get up there yet though. They just sleep in the corner of the house or all piled on each other in the corner of the coop when they don't remember they have a house.

The chickens are 4 weeks 3 days old today... only about 4 more months until we'll be looking for an egg! Only.... That seems like forever away!

They like to stretch their legs. The Wyandottes are getting prettier, by the way. Their feathers on their heads are coming in, and they look much better!

Boss lady Brenda Brown, affectionately named after one of "my girls."


Lynn @whispersfromwildwood said...

That should be some PROUD chickens! I love their place! I had chickens before we moved - can't have any in the subdivision where we live now, even though it's in the country.

Yes...paint the door red! That would be too cute :)