Friday, April 9, 2010


Happy 18 months Blair! A year ago this day seemed forever away. You had just stopped using oxygen during the day, and we were looking forward to your getting closer to turning 2 and getting bigger so you would be closer to being completely well! You are getting so big (18 pounds 13 ounces to be exact), and you are an absolute joy. You are so loving, sweet, and funny. You get really serious sometimes, and your daddy and I wonder what you're thinking. At other times, you are the silliest thing! There is not a day that goes by that you don't make me and daddy laugh out loud! Tonight we were laughing at your imitation of your daddy sneezing! Everyone in the hospital last week was so impressed with how good you were. They had never seen a baby take medicine and breathing treatments without a peep. You are so good, even though you are busy and get into everything!

You wear 18 months clothes that are too big in the waist. In addition to your eight front teeth, you have three molars, and the bottom left "stomach tooth" (as my mom calls it) just popped through. You teethe like a champ. I don't ever even know that you're teething. I just happen to see a new tooth in there every once in a while! You're a tough little thing, Miss Blair!

You still take two naps. Mommy likes this. We've tried to go to one to see what happens. It doesn't work. You need your beauty sleep!

You love waffles (and ask for them... aWA). And chocolate. And yogurt. And carrots. You eat lots of different kinds of fruits including kiwi, nectarines, plums, pineapple, pears, peaches, grapes, and blueberries. Oatmeal and grits make you gag and throw up. Every time. Breaks my heart. I can't have a southern baby who doesn't like cream cheese grits. Those are the closest thing to this side of heaven. We're also having a little trouble with protein. I have finally, very recently, gotten you to eat a bite or two of egg, and in the hospital you ate chicken for the first time! You must have been starving! The latest breaking news on the eating front is that you LOVE peanut butter, so I give it to you on crackers and with jelly in a sandwich. We're making progress!

You love animal sounds. Baby Einstein Baby McDonald is still the only thing you will sit still and watch. You make animal sounds all the way through -- starting with the rooster as soon as you see the first image: a sunrise.


Going outside is one of your very favorite things. When it was cold, you wanted to put on your coat every time you saw it laying somewhere. Now that it's warm, you just say "out" all the time. You even begged to go out when you were getting sick.

You tried to shave your legs with a bladeless razor. You pay more attention to things than we ever thought. I think you may have seen me shave twice -- and it wasn't recently!

Not too long ago, you wouldn't stop opening the shower curtain while I was in the shower, and you were getting wet. The only other thing I could think of for you to do in the bathroom (I had exhausted all other distractions) was to get me some toilet paper. "Go get mommy some toilet paper...." Not so smart. By the time mommy got out of the shower not two minutes later, the whole new role of toilet paper was unrolled on the floor. I tore off pieces from that pile of paper for a week!

You smile as soon as you see someone with a camera. You think that might mean I take a few pictures?

You love your chair. You sit in it (for a few seconds) like you are big.

You hug yourself when you see animals.

You hum there it is ten times a day, and you clearly put your hands out to each side with palms up to say I don't know just as many times -- or more!

You point to your ear when you hear things.

You know what to do with toilet paper -- wipe your nose, use after pottying (except you don't potty yet -- you just pretend), clean the floor.

You vacuum, wipe the floor, and sweep. Mommy likes this too. She needs the help!

When we ask you to say "paci" you say "da."

You had your first little fall on concrete and scraped your face next to your eye. I think mommy and daddy were far more upset than you were about it.

You eat many meals in the kitchen with the doors closed -- otherwise you give it all to Gus. He's not even allowed in the kitchen, but if you see him in the hallway, you start throwing food off the front of the high chair!

You like to carry big things and hold lots of things at one time -- like all of my curler clips or as many utensils as possible when unloading the dishwasher. You love unloading the dishwasher. You started by giving me one utensil at a time, and now you take them out one by one with one hand and put them in the other until you can't hold any more -- then you give them to me to put in the drawer.

You try to sneeze when asked to.

You wake up in the morning saying "dada... dada... madada...." If no one comes, you then go to "mama... mama... dada mama...."

You love to swing. Every time we go outside, you point to the swing. When I try to get you out of the swing, you wave your hands in protest (your sign for "no").

Every morning, you want mommy's glasses on top of her head. You RIP them off my face and put them on my head. Or, you put them on daddy. But then you want sunglasses on my eyes -- even in the house. If they're on top of my head, you insist on pushing them down on my nose.

You like to sit and lie on Gus. He lets you without a word or a move. You even step on his head. Poor thing used to run this house....

... but now we have a new ruler! We can't resist!
Happy 18 months Doodle Unit!


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So sweet, Ash! Happy 18 wonderful months, Miss Blair!

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