Friday, April 9, 2010


We had a great Easter this year. After Brad and I got back from church, we let Blair open her Easter basket.

Not much interest in the camera.

Fruits and veggies!

Kisses from my sweet girl!

Family Easter picture!

 We had a little time at home before lunch. Blair ate craisins. And left them for me all over the house.
We went to Grandmom's and Andad's for lunch. Blair had another Easter basket over there!

She of course wanted to carry it herself.

 Kissing her Aunt Kimmie through her new magnifying glass!

Blair got a tractor flashlight from Grandmom that she adored.

 Playin' a little basketball.

She got to hunt some eggs too, but every time she found one and put it in her basket, she wanted to go swing.

Her basket was just about as big as she is! This is her Aunt Linnie's Easter basket. I was going to use mine, but it was broken.

Later we went to Gigi and GT's to spend the night, because I had clinicals the next morning at the hospital, and Blair had a doctor's appointment. She got yet another Easter basket at Gigi's house, and she got a cute outfit and bows for her sandals from Aunt Linnie and Uncle Ben.


Bows on her shoes now match! (She only had pink before her Easter basket -- I had just told mom that we needed to learn how to make them!)

Kissing Peaches. This is Molly's work's bunny that she had to bring home for the weekend. This is the same Molly that just got a dairy calf because she "just wanted one." That girl knows she loves animals. I would love to be one of her animals -- they are totally spoiled. She definitely has a way with them!

The night at mom and dad's worked out great for me, because I got to take Easter leftovers for lunch on Monday... mmmm, chicken pie!

What a fun Easter. Maybe we'll get to do some real hunting next year!


Molly @ View From a Saddle said...

3 Easter baskets in one Easter! I think that's a record!! Way to go Blair! :)