Sunday, April 11, 2010

Operation Rescue

When Blair and I came inside yesterday, I immediately noticed that we had a little visitor.

This happens every once in a while. Our porch is two rooms with windows all across the back, and it seems that the birds always get stuck in the laundry room, where I have to guide them through two doors to get outside. It's not an easy task.

Enter problem number two. 

Excuse the junk. This is all we've got for a garage/porch/laundry room/storage area. Especially ignore the ziploc box I duct taped over the hole in the door so that Mona couldn't get the chickens when they were in here.

I don't know that I've introduced my cat Mona. She likes birds. Likes to eat them, that is. Last year I found her trying to jump off of part of the porch to get a hummingbird. She's crafty for sure. 

She's giving him the eye.

Problem three: I can't shut the door to keep Mona out, because then I can't get the bird out. I can't hold her, because I'm holding Blair! I can't put Blair down, because I didn't want her to mess with the bird or be in the house by herself. So I shooed Mona out as best I could and got the yard tongs. 
I am not into touching wild birds, so I took out my trusty yard tongs -- which I used almost one year ago to the day for another dirty animal job (this post is one of the most entertaining on my blog I think). I wasn't going to squeeze the bird or anything, but the tongs make it easier to usher out without using my hands. (The yard tongs are in the window in the first picture.)

So I got the bird into the other room, and there is Mona -- waiting.

Shortly after, we had success! Not Mona. Me! The bird flew out and all was well again in Dreamland. Funny thing though... that bird must have been hiding on my porch, because some other bird got after him squawking up a storm as soon as he flew out!