Friday, April 30, 2010


The gin where Brad has his cotton ginned has a scholarship program that was founded by the original gin owners, the Sconyerses, to whom education was very important. For nine years the gin has awarded scholarships to children and spouses of their farmers to use for undergraduate or graduate work. The gin has invested a great deal of money back into the community through this scholarship program so thoughtfully established by the Sconyerses.

 Cortez Sconyers in the picture behind us! 

Brad's sister Kim and I both are so thankful to be able to benefit from this scholarship. Last night we went to the scholarship banquet. We ate a delicious seafood meal with my favorite -- cheese grits -- and received our certificates. We had a great time and enjoyed visiting with the couple at the table with us. They had a three year old with them who was a riot! It just reminds me what fun we have in store with Miss Blair!

A year from this week, I hope to be graduating from nursing school! I just have a few tough semesters to get through first... starting with OB/PEDS, beginning next Monday, and the history classes I have to take according to Georgia law. My first degree from out of state doesn't fit the US and Georgia Constitution and history requirements, so I'll be taking US history after 1877 and Government online this summer. I hope maturity has cultivated in me some love for History because I've never had any before. I had the option to take the CLEP tests and a Georgia history test instead of the classes, but I was always such a terrible history student that I didn't trust that I would study enough to pass them. Then, I'd be in a mess because I have a really full fall semester, and after that, it will be too late to take the classes! So I have a busy rest of the year, but it will be worth it in the end!