Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring break's a whole lot different when you're 30.

A lot of the other students at my school were talking about going to Panama City for spring break. I remember the days of taking off as soon as class finished (or a day early!) to go to some tropical location and then getting back at the very last minute before class started. I went to Cancun, Mexico and Jamaica during my first college experience. This time, it's a little different. To me, spring break was a chance to clean my house and spend time with Blair. I was excited about my plans! (And I certainly glad I wasn't putting on a bathing suit!) I didn't even think about going somewhere, but when I found out I had the opportunity to go with Brad to Washington DC, I thought it would be fun. Then, I had to worry about when to do with my child! Yes, it's much different this time around!

We did have a ton of fun being tourists in DC. When we arrived we took a tour of the Capitol. It was pretty neat.

Agriculture in the Capitol -- tobacco columns.

The center of the capital!

More agriculture -- corn columns.

Then, we went out to Mount Vernon. I didn't get any really good pictures, because we had an after hours tour, and it was almost dark! It was very interesting though. I didn't remember Mount Vernon very well, but then again when I was there last, I was all of 13 years old, and I probably paid more attention to how cute I thought some boy was than to the fact that George Washington's favorite color was green -- and a bright one at that! All of the rooms in the mansion, except for their bedroom which was decorated by Mrs. Washington, are bright green.

We met with our senators the next day -- Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson. They're good guys. Saxby's son-in-law is a farmer, so he relates to what we do! We also met with some congressmen.

Senators Chambliss and Isakson

Waiting to meet with Congressman Jim Marshall. I have to be crafty to get smiles like this on camera!

After our meetings we did some walking. Some walking. We saw all of the memorials in the city and the White House. Everyone was complaining except me. I like to walk and walked faster than everyone else (including Brad). If you're going to walk, you might as well do it fast and burn calories!

The Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial. They had just drained the reflecting pool for cleaning. When I look at this, I picture Forrest Gump and Jenny running to each other and hugging in the pool!

The gunk being pulled out of the reflecting pool.

President Lincoln is big.

The four of us in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

In front of the White House. When I was here 20 years ago, you could go right up to the fence, and cars were driving behind. Now there is no driving and no getting close!

Something going on in front.

The next day, we had almost the whole day to be tourists. Since I have traveled a good bit, I played tour guide/map reader/metro figure-outer for us and another couple from here. We went to Arlington Cemetery and saw the changing of the guard and a special ceremony for a school.

Brad entering the metro.

The ceremony for the school at the tomb of the unknown soldier. They put out the flowers for each school and then laid them in front of the tomb.

From there, we took the metro to Georgetown and had lunch. I really liked Georgetown. It's so cute! Then, we took the metro back to the mall and went to the National Air and Space Museum (Brad's request). It was neat too. We got to see the piece they just took off of the Hubble telescope!

Brad with the Wright brothers (isn't this funny?!) and their original plane

The piece from the Hubble telescope. To me, this type of pictures is much better with people -- hence the reason for me posing next to it!

Brad learning about jet engines. He talked about wanting to see them for the entire trip.

Mmmmm... a space cookies 'n' cream ice cream sandwich!

Both nights that we went out to supper, we had yummy meals. I had a delicious butternut squash soup the first night. We also had molten chocolate cake and homemade sorbet -- on the house because they messed up our steaks (the ones from the ritzy cows). It was all delicious, and the service was great.

The next night Brad and I met my two friends from college for supper at Oya. They had delicious, affordable food. I had sushi -- yum! Brad ordered from their fixed menu. He had a crunchy shrimp roll, chicken with potatoes and asparagus, and another chocolate molten cake! It was so good to see my friends -- one of the highlights of the trip! I'm so sad I was too busy talking and forgot to take a picture of the three of us. Here we are minus one!

Spring break was a blast. Now it's back to school until my two week break in August. Yes. I just found out that I don't have three weeks off in May like I had originally thought. It would have been nice if they had told us that nursing summer classes are weird and start the next day after finals, going through maymester and both summer terms! Communication and organization seem to be a slight problem for them. Oh well. I'm almost halfway done, and then I wont have to worry about it! It's flying by!