Wednesday, March 31, 2010

She's out!

We had a long but good day that ended with our leaving the Children's Hospital, hopefully for good! Blair did well all day today -- so well that she hardly napped at all.

The morning started with Blair's doctor coming in right after we woke up. He wrote orders to discontinue her IV and told me that we would go downstairs to the regular floor (from the ICU/stepdown floor) and maybe get to go home soon. How soon? Maybe this afternoon. 

So we waited.

And waited.

We had such wonderful care during the entire hospital stay, and today of all days we had a nurse that was especially thorough. Very nice. And very thorough. We finally got down to the regular floor around 2pm. That was well after Blair's doctor came by to see her again at lunch and instructed the nurse to get her IV out. 

Several doctors came by the third floor to check on Miss Blair. They were all so wonderful to her during our time there, and they were very pleased to see how well Blair was doing. Blair was also in regular Blair form because her daddy was there. She had woken up calling him, and she was so happy to see him.

After about 2 hours on the third floor, we were released to go home. We are thankful for Blair's doctor; no other doctor would have released her so quickly, but he knows us and knows that we are capable of handling oxygen at home.

Blair will be on oxygen for several days to keep her oxygen saturation up and let her body continue to heal. The oxygen will help her lungs to not overwork themselves and keep her from breathing too rapidly. She's going to finish up some steroids and hopefully be wide open in no time. (She's already close to wide open, but she's got baggage - her nasal cannula slows her down a bit!)

I have some pictures, but a real bed is looking mighty good right now, so I'll get to them tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow... it's back to school for me! (I missed three tests this week. Ugh. Where on earth will I put those on my schedule?!) We'll be back to regular blog programming soon. I have growing chickens and watermelon vines to write about!

I want especially thank all of you for your continued prayers for our family. With much prayer and faith, we will hopefully one day be on the other side (the healed one) of chronic lung disease.


CHERI said...

So glad you are home. Hope Blair continues to do well. We love you all.

Eunice said...

Prayers in Perry work!

AA said...

That's awesome!! Get some rest and good luck with those tests ;)

Jen O'Daniel said...

Glad Blair is home! How is she doing since being home? Been thinking of her - and you!

Hope you have a nice Easter tomorrow and that the Bunny leaves a little candy for Blair to share with her mommy! :)