Monday, March 29, 2010


We're still holding steady in the PIMCU. We had an okay day. Blair was up to looking at books for a little while a few different times today. She felt really crummy this evening though. We think she is just super tired and has a hard time getting comfortable. Because of her IV, she can't sleep with those hands under her tummy like usual. After a bit of a fight, she is finally sacked out in her crib.

Not much on toys but she would hold the disposable toothbrushes!

The respiratory therapists think that her lungs sound pretty good. They tried to wean her off of the 8 liter oxygen flow, but her respiratory rate climbed back into the seventies, so she's back on 8 liters at 40% right now with a respiratory rate around 60, which is acceptable. They usually intubate when respiratory rates are above 70 for more than a couple of days, so we would much rather her be on a high liter flow for a little bit longer to keep her off of the ventilator. She will wean when she's ready. We are hoping that her stamina is better than average since she is somewhat used to having to work to breathe. Who knows. The oxygen was weaned to 30% during the day, but when she went to bed, her saturation dropped, and they had to increase it.

She hasn't had fever all day. Today's x-ray looked about the same as yesterday's, which is better than worse. She still mainly has some haziness around the airways and some in the right upper lobe, which the nurse said they see a good bit with RSV. (Blair has a "cousin" virus of RSV we think.) The doctor said no food today, and I'm pretty sure that was the source of some of tonight's fussiness. I know she wants something to drink. Her liter flow has to be decreased to 2 before she can eat, so she may have to have an NG tube tomorrow for tube feedings. We really don't want that, but then again, we'd rather an NG tube with 8 liters than a ventilator. If the 8 liters will keep her off of the ventilator, than an NG tube will have to do!

I think that just about sums it up. Brad was here for most of the day today, and Blair was so happy to see him. She wants him or Gigi over her mommy most of the time! She swaps quite often. When she gets ready, she points to the person she wants, holding her little hands out in front of her like she's trying to catch something. She's a sweet one for sure.

With Gigi.

We know that God is taking care of this baby. Please pray that He continues to do so and that we see improvement tomorrow.


Jamie said...

Ashlee - Blair is definitely in our prayers. I wish I lived closer to help out in some way!
I know it's impossible but I hope you are getting enough rest too.

Hang in there Miss Blair!
We love you,
Jamie and (your BFF that you haven't met yet) Abby

AA said...

Kisses to Blair! Hang in there, Ash!

Marie said...

We are praying for both Blair and her mommy and daddy! Remember, she has been a fighter all along!


Julia said...

I have been compulsively checking the blog to see if there are updates. Hang in there. I know that you are so worried and stressed. I hope she gets better soon!