Monday, March 15, 2010

The person who decided to change the time two times a year did not have children.

Seriously. I love daylight savings time, but I do not love Blair going to bed after 8:30pm. She's just rockin' along on her old schedule of up at 7am and down at 7:30pm, except it's all an hour later. For the past two nights, when I sat down to wind down at night -- after cleaning the kitchen, etc. -- it was well after 9pm. I'm not used to that!

Then when we have to "fall" back again, she'll be getting up in the middle of the night! Can't wait for that one! Maybe the person who decided to change the time twice a year did have kids, but he was a man and didn't have to worry about what time they went to bed or got up! (Brad does get Blair up many mornings, so I can't entirely claim that this is the case in our house.)

I guess I'm going to wake her up at 7am in the morning and see if we can get her straight. I love playing with that baby, but you other moms know -- naps and bedtime are wonderful too! I'm exhausted by 8pm, and then I have to clean and study. When she's an hour off schedule, it makes a big difference.

How do you work the time changes with your little ones?


Unknown said...

All you have to do is work them in 30 minute differences. We are letting the kids stay up until 8:30 this week. Next week will be 8:15 and finally back to 8:00. We wake them up at the same time. Good luck!

Jamie said...

When you figure out how to get back on schedule let me know! I have relied on Abby to get me up every morning for the last year....the last 2 mornings I've overslept because she's in there snoozing away!!!

Joanna Davis said...

here here! i love how late it gets dark, but honestly sees that it is still light out at 8pm (his bedtime) and thinks its still party time! in the summers it gets dark close to 8:45!!!! YIKERS! so far i've been waking him up at his regular time (6:30am - gotta get to work) and we're "kinda" on schedule at night...but it's been about a half hour later. hopefully blair adjusts soon...for your sanity!