Sunday, March 14, 2010


I messed up my blog. It's not a big deal; it's just one of those things that's going to take time to get back like I want it. I'm tired of my design, so I wanted to change the colors to make it more springy until I can get it redesigned professionally. I saved my original template and started changing the colors. Then, I decided I didn't like the changes and reloaded my template; only the template that I saved didn't make my blog look like I had it before! I have no idea where I got the template, so I'm going to have to work on it to see if I can find something I like. It's just time consuming and a tad frustrating!

About a year ago, I started begging my graphic artist brother-in-law to help me with a new design for my blog, but "girl stuff" is not in his usual line of creativity. I did some searching and found The Design Girl and decided that I would have her design my blog when I felt I had the money. One of my friends also used her, and her blog turned out really cute! Blogging is something I enjoy doing, so I don't mind spending money on it, but on the other hand there are many more important things I could do with the money. I have to be honest with myself -- I'm not going to get the money back, so it's basically like throwing it away or spending it on entertainment. Since I quit working, had Blair, and started school, I just don't buy for myself like I used to! I bet Ann Taylor LOFT misses me! I know I miss them!

Then came my perfect opportunity.
This semester I'm taking a health promotion class for which we have to do a self-change project. Yay! (I wouldn't normally be excited about a project, but this one has a special bonus!) We had to sign a contract with a self-change pledge and give ourselves a reward for fulfilling the contract. Oooo I like rewards! My pledge is to exercise three times a week for 20 minutes -- walking or biking. I decided that my reward would be to have my blog professionally designed. Tadaaaa -- perfect excuse to spend the money -- I get healthy, I get a good grade, and my blog gets cute! I'm doing well so far, except for a few weeks when the weather wasn't conducive to taking a baby out to exercise. I only have a few weeks left on my pledge. Then, I think I'll be able to claim my reward! And, I'm glad I waited because I've found a designer I like even better!! So yay!

Stay tuned. There is a redesign in my future!


Unknown said...

It really doesn't matter what it looks like sweetie! The only thing that matters is what you have to say! Keep it up. I enjoy reading!

Julia said...

YAY! Thanks for the blog shout out. You will love love love getting your blog re-designed.