Thursday, March 25, 2010

Faster than Blair

Brad and his infinite wisdom: "Those chickens are 'bout the only things that grow faster than Blair." 

And that they are. My little chickens are twice the size they were when we got them last Saturday. We've already had chicken drama too. Never a moment without drama around here! I don't know what happened -- either I dropped the light on her or she got pecked -- but one of our little ones has a hurt toe. At the site of blood, all the other chickens started pecking her! So I had to separate her, and I've been putting Bag Balm on her toe.

My little gimp chicken. She's a Wyandotte. They are beautiful to me, and I want her to make it! What should I name her?!

She's getting better, but I've tried to put her back in with the others, and there's at least one that goes right for her toe! Mean little jokers!

 Speaking of mean, this is the boss lady. She needs a name too -- they actually all need names. At one week three days old, she's mean!

That's boss lady on the left and another Production Red in the center. Then, on the right is the assistant to the boss lady, a Barred Rock. She puts the others in their places when the boss lady is taking a break. (ie right now! Doesn't she look like she's eying me?!)

Whoever knew chickens were so fascinating to watch. Its okay if you think I'm crazy. Brad thinks I'm crazy too. He wants me to kill the gimp chicken and get it over with.

 One week, three days old and getting feathers!

I'll be glad when they are old enough to not be in our dining room! I change the boxes every day, but they could be changed twice a day. They make the biggest mess!

 They scratch the food out onto the paper within minutes after I clean the box.

They are really sweet when they sleep though. They pile on top of each other!

 Here they are almost one week old.

Since I had a big test this week, this post is late, and the chickens already look so different. They have lots of feathers now. They are two weeks and one day old today. I'll take more pictures and post an update! It'll be no time before we have eggs -- sometime in mid-summer hopefully!


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I think it's pretty cool Ash!