Sunday, March 28, 2010

ER Round Two

We were back in the ER yesterday after what I thought was an allergy issue turned into a fever of 101.3. I talked to our NP, and she suggested that we go check it out. We were both scared that Blair might have pneumonia. Blair was breathing between 60 - 80 times per minute like last time. Her fever was 102.2 when we got to the hospital. They gave her some medicine and an oral steroid and sent us home because her x-ray looked fine. That's the good news. The bad news is now we have her home, she's still breathing hard and fast, and it's scary. Her oxygen saturation monitor went off all night last night, and I had the oxygen on as high as it would go. I did everything I knew to do including raising the head of mattress up with a pillow. I end up having to go in there and stir her just enough to make the saturation go up (it's supposed to be at least 90%, but hers will go down to 86 or 87 sometimes), but it goes right back down after a few minutes. Brad or I usually end up holding her, which does help, but it doesn't do much for our sleep!

The good thing is that this time she feels better, and she has not needed oxygen during the day yet except for naps. She's still playing and in a pretty good mood, despite her loud breathing that scares me to death! She has been begging to go outside, so we did go out for a bit this morning, and she is sleeping now. (She asked to get in her bed!) She does seem a little better as of lunchtime, so I hope that the improvement continues.

It is a mystery to me how a baby who stays home all the time can pick up a virus like this. They are everywhere though, so I guess it's really not that difficult and we should be thankful that this is only the second one during her almost 18 months. It could even come from me not washing my hands after getting the mail. It makes that bubble boy's bubble in that episode of Seinfeld seem like a really attractive option for us! 

Like always, we appreciate your prayers. We are praying that she is back to herself soon!


Marie said...

We'll be thinking of you and the little bubble girl! Hugs!