Monday, March 1, 2010

"E" for Effort

I was in the shower this morning when Brad got back from church. I had stayed home to work on a paper. He took Blair for me -- the battle between me and her and the shower curtain gets old. When I got out of the shower, Blair was in her high chair. Alright! He's feeding her lunch!

"What's she eatin' babe?"
"Chocolate ice cream." (It's 11:30)
"For lunch?" In her brand new white shirt that I got her yesterday. Awesome. (Granted it was only $5, but it's still new.)
"I didn't know she hadn't eaten lunch."
Silence. Ok. He's trying. I'll give him that. "Ok."

No, I am not trying to show off my amazing self control. Ha. In fact, anyone that knows me well knows that I do not hesitate to say what I feel. The main reason I didn't say anything was that I'm supposed to be trying not to be mean. I am mean sometimes. But I'm trying, and he was trying. And it's really not a big deal. She needs the calories, she loves ice cream, and the clothes would come clean.

Plus, she loves it.

I help Blair with the ice cream, then I get her out of the chair after she's done. Her shirt fared well with only a couple of dots. Her pink corduroys -- ice cream all in the crotch. Yes! Off to the washer we go! So Blair is wearing the other new $5 shirt I got her yesterday. I couldn't make up my mind which one to put on her at first, but now she got to wear both!

It all worked out. Blair was all smiles, and when Brad bought the ice cream, he bought me corn dogs and barbecue fritos! Yum! I was all smiles too! What chocolate ice cream...?


Joanna Davis said...

she looks SOOOOOO proud of herself! could you resist those eyes if she asked YOU for ice cream?! ;)

CHERI said...

There's no right time for chocolate ice cream....except ANY TIME!!!!!