Friday, March 12, 2010

Country Come to Town

When thirty some odd Georgia farmers and wives go to Washington DC for four days, there is a slight fish-out-of-water situation. I've been fortunate to be able to go lots of places in my life, and I still felt like I was out of my league!

Our group

The weather was beautiful, but there were, amazingly enough, still piles of snow from four weeks ago!

The first night, we went to Old Glory, a barbecue restaurant in Georgetown. Know why we went there? Because it's the only place in DC that serves sweet tea! Ha!

People are different in DC. Georgia folks are a whole lot nicer in general. Are there nice people in DC? Sure! Did we find them everywhere we went? No. And, DC is expensive. I was aware that south Georgia was not the most expensive place to live in the US, but I was shocked at some of the prices. There were others with us who were a whole lot more shocked than I was! Our hotel's breakfast buffet was $20. Grits and eggs. Really? Then there was the $28 eight ounce steak a la carte --
add a side for $9 (that was the cheapest steak -- the rest of them were $38 and over). Are their cows that much nicer than ours? Wait. Do they even have cows?

Even though I felt guilty spending that much money on food, it was a long time coming. Brad and I never get to go to my favorite nice places to eat, because they are so far from our house. It's basically a minimum four hour round trip to go eat at a nice restaurant. We never went out for Valentine's day and didn't get to go where we wanted to for our anniversary, so we were due, and it was worth it!

We did spend more money than we would have if we had stayed at home, but we had a great time. We got to visit with some lawmakers, see some neat history, and eat some good food with good friends. Brad and I enjoyed our mini vacation but were glad to be home after our longest trip away from Blair, who, to our disappointment, wasn't the least bit phased by our being gone. She hardly even noticed us when we went to pick her up at Gigi and GT's house. We got a wave as she went on to the next thing. Oh well. At least she didn't cry for us the whole time we were gone!


Jan said...

LOVE this picture of you and Brad! I am glad that Blair did not cry for you and Brad all week because I would have been crying too! She was an angel and we had a great time keeping her!