Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chicken Update

There is now a real chicken coop in my yard. My yard! It needs some finishing touches, but it's close!

We all went down there last weekend to check it out!

Blair thought it was great.

She cleaned up screws for her daddy.

And peeked in the door!

She especially liked jumping off of the laying boxes!

Gimmie five!

And some kisses!

We'll be up and running in no time! Stay tuned....


MEL said...

Love it! You just glow Ash when you look at her. You are a great mom! Love the COOP talented that brother of mine.

AA said...

Last pic of you and Blair is gorgeous! See you in a bit - YAY!

CHERI said...

Come to Fitz. & you can catch some of our chickens. I had 11 in my yard last week....all unwanted!!!!