Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Better today?

After a night of good solid sleep, Blair may be a little bit better today. She put a big smile on when the nurse came in with a toothbrush -- making her daddy proud! She's also played with some puzzles and watched TV. (She hardly ever does that at home because she can't keep still!)

She likes Barney!

Set her paci down long enough to do a puzzle.

Photography by Blair. She's got talent, no?

Respiratory is going to try again to wean her off of the liter flow. If they can get it down to 4 or 5, they said she can eat. They will make a feeding tube decision this afternoon. Right now, it's down to 6 liters, and we don't see any signs of fast breathing or her working harder than she was on 8 liters. So that's a praise! Maybe she'll be eating this afternoon.

 Two pacis required.

 Three preferred.

Blair's doctor ordered a cystic fibrosis test this morning, but thankfully she had one, among others, in the NICU, and they were all negative. I'm glad we don't have to go through that waiting again. We've been told that Blair is a really rare case in that she has taken so long to recover from the pneumonia she had when she was born. I guess it's just hard for the doctors to believe there's not something else going on. We are just thankful for God's miracles.

 Holding her arms out for Gigi to hold her.

We're praying for a good day today and bottles this afternoon!


MEL said...

Breaks my heart Ash. I am praying so much for Blair and for you. Hang in there. Call me if you need anything.

Jill said...

What a sweet girl:) I am praying that Blair gets better very soon!

Jen O'Daniel said...

Sweet girl... I love how much she loves that paci... or should I say those pacis! One in the mouth, one or two in the hand. So precious! Sending love and hugs your way!