Sunday, February 14, 2010


Lovin' my valentines today!

Our anniversary was just two weeks ago, so we're sort of Valentine's Day slackers around here. I never really liked the day anyway. Shouldn't we be all lovey dovey all year round? I think.

Brad and I decided not to fight the restaurant crowds this weekend. I would have loved to go to any of the several places I adore, but it takes forever to get there. It's so far to go anywhere nice, we usually just end up talking ourselves out of going out to nice restaurants. I always fall asleep on the way home anyway, and that's no fun for Brad!

So we cooked steaks last night at home with stuffed tomatoes, asparagus, and baked potatoes. It was perfect. We also had creme brulee -- our favorite! I made it my heart creme brulee dishes -- just for my valentine! Heart dishes? Yes. I also have
Christmas, Halloween, and Easter -- all on Target special! They're lots of fun! Then of course I have the plain ones for off-season creme brulee! As far as I'm concerned, creme brulee is divine no matter what dish you put it in! Happy Valentine's Day!