Monday, February 22, 2010


Blair went had a double dose of doctors last Thursday when she had to go to the pediatrician/pulmonologist's office to get her RSV prevention shots and then right upstairs to the cardiologist for an echocardiogram. She weighed 17 lbs 13 ounces! The poor thing now knows when she's getting a shot; she started crying as soon as the nurse rubbed her legs with alcohol. My poor mom is the one who has to watch it all -- they only do RSV prevention shots on the days I have school! She had chocolate though, and chocolate makes everything better.

Good news at the cardiologist's office... Blair's ASD is gone, and she has been released! The doctor said the only place she'll see him now is at Target! We're so glad for that part to be over with. Miss Blair is getting bigger and bigger, and we're seeing so many good things health-wise, and we're so thankful!

Wide open as usual! No problems here!

Today she's headed to Atlanta for audiologicals -- booth testing. I'm hoping for cooperation from Blair (I think she's a tad hard-headed), but there won't be any real news to come out of the appointment. We are still in the monitoring phase of her hearing, and I expect this one will be much like the last. The one thing they did say after the last booth test is that her hearing in her left ear is not good (75dB). I hate to disagree with an expert, but I can whisper an instruction in Blair's left ear, and she does it. Maybe she was having a bad day in that ear or is just stubborn and didn't respond even though she heard the testing sounds. I know; it sounds like I'm in denial. But I know how she does at home, and I am almost convinced that she hears at less than 75dB in her left ear -- at least at times.
I'm interested to see how that turns out. We'll hopefully have a better look as she gets older as well.

Telling me she hears something outside.


Unknown said...

Congrats! I know Bo's problem is nothing like Blair's but his left ear goes bad to worse from time to time. We can always tell when it happens when he turns the volume up LOUD! Then it's back to the ENT.

Julia said...

Ash- She is so cute I can not believe how on the go she is. I know you are crazy busy wit school right now, but you HAVE to stop by Birmingham on a trip up to see Linnie. I am dying to meet that precious girl. I hope everything goes well with her hearing test. Just know her better than any doctor does!

AA said...

Hope it goes well, Ash!!! I'll be saying some prayers ;)

Unknown said...

She is such a pretty child. I can tell that she has some of that good looking Luckie blood running in her! :) Come visit us sometime or let me know the next time you come to the big city Wal-mart!