Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nursing Diagnosis: Overactivity

Sunday morning I was working on some nursing care plans for a gerontology paper due Monday. Activity Intolerance. Impaired Physical Mobility. Sleep Pattern Disturbance. Risk for Injury. And the nursing diagnoses go on and on....

While eating lunch Brad tells Blair that she's going to have to find a lower gear so that we can keep up with her. (As she's climbing into and out of a laundry basket, playing with things on the refrigerator, pushing the basket into her room, and
"folding" clothes by shaking her blanket like you do before you fold blankets and sheets -- you know?)

Blair's nursing diagnosis:
Overactivity related to too much energy as evidenced by her inability to be still for more than about 3 1/2 seconds.

We are constantly hearing people we see (nurses, speech therapists, family, etc.) say "she's so busy!" Really? Is that code for "you better be ready because this child is going to be a handful" or "This one's gonna have to be medicated!"

Is she really that busy? Is it going to be a problem in the future? I have no idea. Since we don't have other kids, Blair's activity level is all we know! I have no problem teaching her things, so I guess we'll see! Right now, I'm just enjoying her -- overactivity or not!


Unknown said...

Come to my house and sit a spell. Reid and Mia will be glad to show you what "overactivity" looks like! :) Luv ya cuz!

Jamie said...

So cute...we have one that is "busy" too. I'm with you though - Is that good or bad??! :)

CHERI said...

And aren't we all SO happy that she is able to be this active??? She had such a scary beginning. I think it's wonderful that she has such spirit and happiness and finds the joy in her days. You can worry about if she's hyperactive down the road. For now, just enjoy!