Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Net Net

In addition to my favorite kitchen tools, recipes, baby girl, etc. I have a favorite internet writing safety net: a spell checker. I do not happen to be the best speller in the world. It would probably help if I didn't try to spell every word that I didn't know by using Spanish spelling rules -- but they're just so much easier in Spanish.... Unfortunatley, unfortuneately... (See? Those are my first two attempts that my trusty spell checker underlined in red for me!) Unfortunately Spanish rules don't work in English for very many words. Darn. I also think faster than my fingers type, so I have typos that my spell checker so nicely underlines as well (see above). Then, it works just like a word processor -- right click and correct!

The spell checker I use is on the Google Toolbar. I have it set to check the spelling of all the words I type into browser forms. I have found it extremely useful, and it has saved me from embarrassment on many occasions! It might have even given me a few good grades, since I've had to write some online postings for class that were graded on content and grammar (supposedly... I think some of my classmates would have failed if that were really the case).

I'll be back to blogging a bit more after Ashlee vs. Med Surg round 2 tomorrow! I have some great pictures of Blair and her daddy with the cows.