Thursday, February 25, 2010


We've been outside in the beautiful weather quite a bit lately. It's so much fun to play outside now that Blair is walking! There's so much more to do and many more places to go. She adores outside too, so we go out when we can. Blair says "out" or "ide" but not both, and she runs to the door when she hears the word!

Blair adores any and every four legged creature she's met thus far. She loves our dogs too as long as they're not knocking her down or slapping her with their tails! If they're in the fenced part of the yard, she likes to go up to the fence and watch them, and she loves when we throw the ball for them.

Easier to play with in the fence!

This weekend when we were outside, I got so tickled at her watching Buddy and Gus. She was imitating them! I guess she think she needs to pant like a dog! She did this all on her own -- more than once!

Watching the dogs. Miss Observant.

Did they do their tongues like this?

Or this?

Look mama!

Buddy and Gus do this!

Panting... I can't get over how she distinguishes it from the normal way she sticks out her tongue.

She did pretty good on her panting!

Then, she spots the neighbors' dogs, and she's off -- showing them her "aw, I love animals" self hug!


Jamie said...

So cute! Abby has an "aw I love animals hug yourself" hug :)
The first pic of Blair acting like a dog reminds me of your sister. I can't say which one but thinking back to when we were little and your sisters were very little, she just reminds me of that...she's definitely a McCord!
Hope y'all are having a good week!