Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hiding Place

For a while now, Blair has enjoyed hiding things in her shirt -- and the shirts of others! It's quite funny to have her sitting in your lap when she all of a sudden grabs the neck of your shirt and shoves her paci right in! The other day, I went in her room to get her after her morning nap, and she was standing there in her bed looking like she had a growth on her tummy! Sometimes I wonder how long she plays in her bed after waking up. She had put both of her socks and a posey (a velcro strap for the pulse oximeter) inside her pajama shirt. I wish I had a picture -- it was hilarious!

Here she is putting my phone in her shirt. I know it looks like she wears pajamas a lot, but we do get dressed every day!


Jen O'Daniel said...

That's too cute... even if she's stuffing something down your shirt, it is just cute.

Her hair is really starting to grow long. She's such a pretty little thing. :)

Linsey said...

Every time you put pictures up she just looks older and older!!