Sunday, February 14, 2010

Break Through

I'm pleased to announce that we may have had two recent break throughs in toddler world. This past week has been one of quite a few new things for Miss Blair. First of all, she is a walking machine! She's everywhere on two wheels and getting faster. It's so much fun to watch her toddle around the house.

The two big categories in which we may be seeing big changes (crossing our fingers!) are eating and talking. A few weeks ago, Blair showed interest in some blueberries, so we gave them to her of course, and she's been eating them since. She also recently started eating nectarines and breakfast bars. I always put stuff on her tray for her to pick up and eat. It's just getting her to actually, pick it up, put it in her mouth, keep it there, and swallow it without gagging that's the problem! We usually use baby food as a calorie back up, because we know she'll eat it. If she weren't on Pediasure I'd really be worried about her nutrient intake.

Slowly Blair's been adding a thing or two here and there that she would pick up and put in her mouth. Then, this week a friend's blog inspired me to fix a grilled cheese, and she actually ate a piece or two -- success in my book! So I've kept giving her new things to pick up and eat all week -- pancakes, chicken, waffles, cheese, grapes, etc. She's had things like this before, but she's never even shown the least bit of interest in them -- until now! She's not anywhere close to eating everything, but I see promise, and it makes me feel better. I was sure we were going to be fighting this gag reflex through elementary school!

Blair demonstrating how to use the juice box straw as a fork. She's her daddy's child for sure! No idea what she did with her real fork.

The talking is the other big thing. Last week, Blair up and started saying mama! I think she says it knowing that it's me, but I'm just glad she says it at all right now. We could only get her to mmmmm before now (and that was for a cow, not for me!). We've been concerned that she might not be able to hear some of the higher frequency letters like s and f, even with her hearing aid. That is pretty common for Auditory Neuropathy, I believe. Today, I put a necklace on her, and asked her if she wanted to take it off, asking her to say off -- and she said it! I had gotten her to imitate f this week by blowing out of her nose (which she also does for sh), but this time she said off just as plain as can be, blowing the f through her lips like someone trying to blow hair out of their eyes. I was so excited. If she can do the sound, that means she hears the sound! Then, she started imitating lots of things. She said toe, and she copied babababa and lalalala. This is GREAT NEWS if it keeps up. We have been looking for her to really start babbling and imitating with more consonants than just d, and it looks like she might be starting to! I sure hope so!


Linsey said...

Yay!!! Go Blair!!!

Molly @ View From a Saddle said...
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Molly @ View From a Saddle said...

Aw!! I can't wait til she starts talking a lot!! Maybe I'll get to hear her on Thursday!

Jamie said...

YAY - Congratulations Miss Blair. You are getting to be such a big girl!!!
Have a great week!!

AA said...

SOO exciting, Ash!!!