Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big Helper

Blair got a table for Christmas, and I've just gotten around to putting it together. It worked out well though, because kids love new stuff! She rediscovered her Leap Frog piano this week after being on her shelf for a few months, and it's like new all over again!

Of course, Blair was the biggest helper when I was putting the table together. She loves a screwdriver!

Checking out the table. She's into climbing these days.

Kissing the table?

First picture of her walking!

Helping me organize the pieces.

Getting the parts together.

Here mommy. I'll just give you one, then I'll put one in my mouth....

Here's another one!

Is this what you do with this?
(It doesn't have a tip in it.)

Ha ha! I was teasing!

Can I put on in for you?

Checking out our job.

Seems sturdy to me. (We're gonna have to work on this.)



Linsey said...

It looks good!!

Bonnie said...

I think she likes it!!!