Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bag Balm is for cows and people.

Yesterday morning, I opened up my browser to see my My Yahoo! homepage, which displays at the top the Yahoo! News Most Viewed stories. It's really out of habit that I even have a My Yahoo! page. Besides the AOL address I don't even count, my very first non-university email address was with Yahoo! -- gosh, that seems so long ago now -- and the My Yahoo! page sort of stuck. I don't know why I can't just drop it from my default homepage tabs; I guess I'm a virtual pack rat!

Usually the five stories in the Yahoo! News Most Viewed portion of my My Yahoo! deal with things going on around the world. I usually do nothing more than glance at the headlines, close the tab, and move on to other things.
Sometimes, things will pop up there that are quite unusual. It's funny what catches people's attention -- and to my surprise it's not always negative! Yesterday, a particular story caught my eye. Of all things, Bag Balm made the Yahoo! News Most Viewed stories.

Have you ever used the stuff? It's good stuff. According to the article, Bag Balm was first produced in 1899 to use on milk cow udders. It has been in production since, and word of mouth has expanded its client base from farmers and their cows to anyone and everyone who ever had an ailment that could be treated with a greasy goop.

My mom introduced Bag Balm to me a long time ago. It's good for anything from chapped cow udders (evidently, but I've never tried it for this!) to cracked (people) heels. The first time Brad complained of cracked heels, I went straight to Wal-Mart and bought some Bag Balm. We now keep it in our supply/medicine closet, and every once in a while I have to slather his feet down with it and wrap them in plastic wrap so the Bag Balm can get to work without making a mess. It seems to do the trick. I can't say that I've used it for all of the other uses the article mentions, but I thought it was quite interesting. It's worth a read...and a try if you've never used it!


Jen O'Daniel said...

Between your blog and the article, now I've got another item added to my list the next time I go to Walmart! I get super-dry hands b/c I wash them ALL.THE.TIME in the cold and flu seasons! They started cracking back in the end of August, when we got hit with Swing Flu. I'll get them almost better, and then something will happen like yesterday: Clay came home early (never happens!) b/c he had food poisoning. (Of course, I thought it was the stomach bug, so I was washing and sanitizing like mad... still am, just in case.) I need some Bag Balm for these hands! :)

BTW - End of article says never to put in your hair b/c it won't ever come out... a friend busted her 2 year old twin girls in the bathroom with all the contents of a jumbo Vaseline tub within their hair. I'm talking WEEKS before they got it all out. A nightmare! So, keep it on a high shelf...

Jen O'Daniel said...

And just so you know, my cracked, dry hands are BETTER! Thank you, Bag Balm! :)