Wednesday, February 17, 2010

About a girl and her barn.

Blair's aunt and cousins gave her the Little People Nativity set for Christmas. It's so cute, but I waited a while to open it (and some other things) because I wanted Blair to have new toys for a while after Christmas. When we got this out last week, Blair immediately picked out her favorite pieces. If you know Blair or read my posts, you can probably guess. Big surprise -- she picked out two animals: the donkey and the dog. We played with the set, playing Away in a Manger over and over while Blair bounced to the beat. When we went on to the next thing, Blair carried the donkey and dog with her for a bit.

The funny thing was what happened when we went back to the nativity. She was obsessed with the barn. She didn't want baby Jesus or anyone else in the barn. She just wanted to play Away in a Manger over and over again. She danced and danced.
She lugged it around the house, and it's almost as big as she is! She picked that thing up and took it to her daddy when he got home. And she played and played and played that music. If the music stopped while she was walking around with the barn, she also stopped to press the music button again. She just about took that barn to bed that night.

When she woke up the next morning and Gigi came to get her, she of course had to take the barn! Too funny!

Showing Gigi how to play the music.

She insisted on holding it even if she was being was a bit awkward but precious still!


Molly @ View From a Saddle said...

Yep, Saw the barn on the floor out our house. I handed her the camel and she knocked it of the way and grabbed the Donkey! haha