Saturday, January 9, 2010

When you're fifteen...

...MONTHS, that is! Blair, you are FIFTEEN months old today!

Your daddy and I smile at each other all the time because of something you did. You are the sweetest, most precious child. We were so scared when you were sick last week. For some reason, it was much scarier than even when you were born. Then it was so surreal, because we were clueless. This time, we had to see how bad you really felt. It was so hard to watch you not be your busy self for so long. That was a long 9 days!

These fifteen months have been the most wonderful, most fun yet most challenging of our lives. God has given us such a wonderful gift in allowing you to be our daughter. We didn't know what we were missing before you! You have made everything we do more special, because we get to experience it through your reactions.

Right now you weigh 16 pounds 8 ounces. You wear 12 months clothes but are growing out of them in the length. The problem is that the 18 month stuff swallows you whole! You are 29 inches long.

You go to bed around 7. Before your cold, you woke up every morning around 6am coughing. You took two two hour naps during the day. Since you got over your cold, you aren't coughing in the mornings, and you have been sleeping late -- until 8 or 9am! I'm trying to figure out what you want to do about napping. I don't think you are ready for one nap yet, but we'll see. You are still a really good sleeper though.

You are so smart and learn so fast. This week, I taught you three signs in one day: milk, thank you, and more. You use them all when I ask you to. You also sign "please" (all the time) and your version of "all done," which doubles as "I don't know," as well as something for "pick me up" that resembles your trying to catch something falling into your hands in front of you. And after you give someone something, you pat your chest one time, like you're saying "you're welcome." You are very expressive with your signs, facial expressions, and voice. You even hum the melody of what "there it is" sounds like, as if you were trying to say it, when you find something!

You know some funny things too. When asked, "What does the alligator say?" you clap your hands for "snap, snap." You cough and smile on request! You can identify many body parts including cheeks, teeth, mouth, eyes, nose, ears, head, hair, arm, hand, elbow, toes, fingers, and foot. And you know what "let's bathe your bottom" means!

We play all the time. You play well by yourself too. You love books. You love to throw towels and cloth diapers out of your bottom dresser drawer. You adore being outside and beg to go out. You love playing in the grass, swinging, and riding in your car.

You like clothes and pick yours out sometimes. I open the drawer, and you point. If your elephant shirt is in there, I know what you'll be wearing! Your other favorite outfit has a kitty on it.

You have eight teeth. The last one came in right before Thanksgiving. You love chocolate: brownies, Nestle Crunch, Hershey's, Kit Kat, Teddy Grahams, and more. You still eat very little table food, but I have seen a little progress. You will eat a banana, goldfish, nilla wafers and other cookies, diced carrots, and the occasional green bean. You have just started to feed yourself with a spoon, and you do a very good job!

You took your first step the first week of December and on Christmas, you took three. You are so close to walking, but you are still very timid. You stand up on your own and don't realize it, but when you do, you squat to the floor!

Blair, you are an absolute mess and we love you so!
You're getting to be such a big girl. We want time to slow down so we can enjoy you even more.