Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Still not Blair

I do think Blair is getting better, but it's slow going. She's still running a low grade fever, clinging to me, and sleeping a lot. She took three big naps today instead of her normal two. She did sleep in her bed twice though. She's showing a little interest in playing, usually in my lap. She's definitely better, but she's far from being Blair.

Getting a breathing treatment this afternoon. Poor thing usually plays.

In her glider.

She's spending a good bit of time in mommy's lap. Brad said we should enjoy it, because she's usually still for about 18 seconds at a time!

In my lap, blanket to face.

Lying in my lap playing with my ring.

The oxygen during the day stinks, because when she does get on the floor she gets hung and wants to take off her nasal cannula. Her doctor said her oxygen requirement could be elevated for a while, but I didn't think to ask him how long a while was. We'll see. Her saturation seems to be better already, but I haven't tried to back off from 3/4 liter yet. In protecting her all that time from getting sick, my mindset was keeping her out of the hospital or from getting something she would have a hard time overcoming. I never even thought that if she did get sick it might set her health improvement back some. But, she's on the mend, and that's what's important!

The funny thing is, even though Blair is not herself, she's all of a sudden showing some boldness and desire to walk. Yesterday she took a few steps to me from the side of the tub. Then, last night she walked from the refrigerator to the baker's rack in the kitchen -- about three steps. Today she took another three steps from me to her shopping cart, put her paci in it, and crawled back! Until now, she's been very timid about getting places while standing up. She's always wanted two hands to hold her when walking with someone and cried if she only got one handed help! She took a step here and a step there starting right before my exams in the first week of December and three steps with Linsey on Christmas but nothing consistent like we've seen yesterday and today! Yay Blair!

After she walked from the refrigerator to the baker's rack. No, her socks don't match.

Thanks again for all of your prayers. We are forever thankful.


SarahHub said...

Oh, the first pictures break my heart! But the last one makes me rejoice! I hope you've baby-proofed the tops of your tables, because Blair is coming!

Jill said...

So glad she is starting to feel better! What a big girl walking!