Monday, January 11, 2010


Blair has gone through all sorts of phases. I imagine that most kids do, but since this is our only one, we've been fascinated to see her obsessions come and go.

This obsession is clearly one that will not go so easily. I'm sure there will be plenty of posts on that later -- hopefully not from a frustrated mommy with a baby who can't sleep without her paci!

Two pacis at once!

The first phase was the popping mouth phase, when she opened and closed her mouth like a fish. She was really little when she did that, and we never figured out why. Then she moved to jutting her jaw out all the time and popping it. She still does that every once in a while.

Then we had the nose-scrunching, breathing-in-and-out phase. That one lasted a while, and she still does it on occasion.

She went through another one where she did "roll 'em over" motions when she didn't want something.

There was a while there whenever she saw Gus or another animal that she broke out into a complete cooing conversation. She talked to them far more than anyone else!

Another phase that lasted a while was the one when she rubbed her chest when she liked something. When I taught her to sign "please" she almost stopped rubbing her chest for anything else. Now she's moved on to putting her little fists up under her chin like when she saw her clothes from her cousin Caroline.

The latest thing is the aaaaaagh phase. She sounds almost like what a pirate would say without the "r." She did it in the video I just posted. It's really my fault, because it's what I do when I chase her around the house. It dawned on me that it's what my dad did with us as kids too. It has stretched into a little more than just chase though. It goes like this:

Blair, I'm gonna get you.

Blair, give that to mommy.
Aaaaagh! As she turns to escape.

She hands you something and you reach for it.
Aaaaagh! Just teasing! She takes it away before you can get it.

She finds something.

There it is! Aaaaagh!

Playing peekaboo or when she opens the shower curtain while I'm in the shower.

And we get the Aaaaagh! spontaneously too for no reason other than to be playful. Funny girl.


Jen said...

Oh my...she is soooo adorable. I loved the video :)

KatieG said...

I LOVED reading these b/c Ella did a few of the same. The scrunching nose, breathing in and out, the opening and closing her mouth (she has started that back up recently), and now she's started this fake cough thing. She coughs and knows I"m going to look at her and she laughs when I do. These girls are too funny!