Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Only here, my friends, only here.

This is a perfect example of why we love our small town.

We've been having some problems with our satellite reception here at the house. The funny thing is it only happens occasionally, and it seemed that those occasions usually only occurred during football games. Here's how the action goes: close game in the fourth quarter, team is driving to score for a tie, quarter back throws, *acquiring satellite signal*, players get up from the ground. Replay: quarter back throws, *acquiring satellite signal*, players get up, crowd cheers, announcers talk. Next play: the snap, flag is thrown, *acquiring satellite signal*, referees move ball for penalty yards. Replay to show close-up of penalty: *acquiring satellite signal*. Lovely. This really never happened during my team's games, so I thought it was hilarious. Its timing was perfect.

Blair was really into Santa during Christmas, and she loved him on the Dora Christmas special, so I dvr'd it later so that we would have the entire episode to watch. We tried to watch it, and right about the part where Santa comes, up pops the message: "some recorded content has been lost due to poor satellite signal." Man! I did get it recorded again though, so we had a happy ending!

This week, we finally called the local, privately-owned Dish Network service office to see what they could do. They have been to our house many times for service over the years. The gentleman came over this morning to check everything out. After checking inside, he decided to look up on the roof, because our signal strength was lower than it should be. He came back in and said that we had some limbs that might be in the way and that he was going to try to shoot them down with his .22! Seriously? We live in the middle of town, right around the corner from City Hall! You're the Dish Network man, you do that kind of thing?! I asked him if it was something Brad could take care of with a limb saw, and he said that he just usually shoots them down. He said that the police knew that he did it and if anybody called just to tell them that it was him. Ok. Not a soul can say he's not resourceful! Can you imagine that happening in your neighborhood? Do you think your Dish Network man carries his .22 in his truck so that he can shoot limbs when the need arises? I think not. Only here.

So he goes out there, and I hear shot after shot after shot for probably 5 minutes or more. Gus jumped every single time. I looked out the window to see
him shooting into the air with a box of ammo on the stump next to where he was standing. I wish I had a picture. Honestly. This is priceless!

I was thinking that he was just shooting a few small limbs down. Oh, no folks. The limb he shot down came crashing with a thud and made me want to go check on him! It's quite large and probably 5 inches in diameter where it broke off!

I tried to get Blair to stand up there for size comparison, but she was scared of the limb. Gus did a good job!

Big limb.

You can see a bullet hole in the top. This picture is blurry. Blair kept grabbing the camera.

You know, what happened is really funny, but it's also so convenient. If we lived anywhere else we would have had to move the dish or hire someone to come and cut those high limbs for us. So thank you, Dish Network man! You're the best!

Now our dish has a nice view of the sky!


SarahHub said...

Ashlee, I love it! I grew up in a small town and this paints a perfect picture! Such a cute story!

Jamie said...

OMG that is hilarious!! I grew up in Hawkinvsille and I don't think we even did that!!!! :)

Love that last pic that shows the remnants of the shot tree limb!

Thanks for a good chuckle to start my day.

PS. So happy to see that Blair is feeling better!