Thursday, January 14, 2010

Now those are MY kind of blocks!

Who knows how kids pick out their favorite toys. We want them to love one thing, and they up and select something completely different. I don't attempt to push much of anything on Blair, because she's pretty independent, and I'm amazed at the things that entertain her.

For example, she loves -- I mean adores -- my Kate Spade makeup bag. What in the world about a rectangular green and white polka dotted bag fascinates her I have no idea. But she loves it, and when she spots it, she goes to pointing and signing "please"!

She takes the makeup out, puts it back, puts the brushes on her face and in her mouth (ew!), and if I stack the containers, she tries to stack too or just knocks them over! Now those are the kind of blocks a girl needs!

Playing in my makup bag, chewing on a brush.

Mommy stacked them all pretty.

And Blair knocks them down!



And scatter. These blocks are fun!