Monday, January 4, 2010

My sister is FAMOUS!

My sister has had somewhat of a not-so-good year like we've had. She ended up having emergency surgery on Saturday for what they thought was appendicitis, but it turned out to be an infection in her abdomen. She is doing well, and we are thankful that they caught it early before it got really bad.

However, her year's outlook has been revitalized as she is now permanently pictured on her hero's blog. She's famous! I think seeing it totally made her forget (maybe for a second at least) the stabbing pains in her shoulder as a result of her abdomen being operated on.

After getting out of the hospital and sleeping all day yesterday, she woke up this morning to a text from our baby sister showing a picture of a computer screen. On the screen was The Pioneer Woman's website, and guess who was pictured in the post about her Atlanta cookbook signing? My Linnie!

The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, is Linsey's number one obsession (well, besides my Blair of course!). Linsey talks about her all the time, cooks tons (I mean tons) of her recipes, and religiously reads her blog and participates in her contests. Linsey went to see The Pioneer Woman in Atlanta a few weeks ago to get her cookbook signed. The experience is actually the only post on Linsey's blog, The Hunnie Pot.

Linsey and The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman's sister had a fit over Linsey's outfit. I'm not surprised, because Linsey is the most precious thing ever! She does wear the cutest stuff, and of all places TJ Maxx is one of her favorite places to shop! So, the sister took her picture, and it's on THE Pioneer woman's website.
Scroll down on the post to see sweet Linsey, almost speechless as she tip toes up to the Pioneer Woman in complete awe of her. How exciting!