Sunday, January 3, 2010

Much of the Same

Today included a lot more of sick, fast-breathing Blair and worried mommy and daddy. Brad keeps reminding me that we're doing what we can do and to trust God's plan and to pray for strength. He's right, but it doesn't make me quit worrying.

Up this evening for the first time in a few days. She's nowhere near par though.

I talked to the doctor again this evening to give him all the details for the day: 99 - 100.9 fever, fast-breathing, saturation 88% - 94% on 3/4 liter, etc. I tell you, Blair's doctor has earned his money dealing with me this week. I've called him every day since Thursday. He feels like Blair is ok to wait until tomorrow to have another chest x-ray to compare to the one from the hospital. Her cough sounds terrible, and she's requiring a bit more oxygen while sleeping. Our tank (We have a big centrally located, stationary one in the house that is the size of a helium tank.) is on full blast at right under a liter while she's sleeping. I do have smaller tanks that have a higher flow if we need them. We got a full tank, and I loaded up on supplies before Christmas, since the bill was on our insurance company. Don't worry, we pay them enough for all the supplies we want and more. I was thinking that we'd get away without having to buy too many tanks after the first of the year, but this one is almost empty now. That's what I get for thinking. I'm thankful we have it, because otherwise we'd be in the hospital, and Blair is safer from additional infection here at home.

The good news from today is that although she still lay around and slept most of the day, she drank more than she has in several days. AND, she wanted to get on the floor and crawl around this evening. She eyed all of the laundry on the coffee table and made a beeline for it, throwing stacks of clean laundry on the floor. You think I was going to tell her not to mess with it? Heck no! I let her do whatever she wanted to do with it. I can refold. She was up and playing, and we even got a smile. I let her play! She played a little, grabbed a cloth diaper (her blanket) off the coffee table, put it up to her face and then handed it to me. That's Blair for "please pick me up and let me lay my head on this so I can go to sleep." She does the same thing when I go and get her after a nap. She hands me everything in the crib: paci, blanket, and cloth diaper. That's Blair for "get me and all this stuff out of here!"

Lying on the laundry she pulled off of the table. She also likes to play peekaboo under the coffee table.

Laundry...and tubing and monitor cords...again.

Ready for bed again. Notice the folded cloth diaper she grabbed.

So after her little 15 minute play session she sacked out. Her saturation was dipping into the mid-80s at first, but it seems to be ok right now. Please continue to pray for her. We surely hope that this doesn't turn into pneumonia.


Jen O'Daniel said...

Hey Ashlee,
I've been out of town for a while and without internet, so I'm home now and just checking up on Miss Blair. I'm so sorry that she's been fighting this for so long... and I am praying for her to win the battle and feel herself once again. It is hell on a mother's heart to see her baby sick... When Grayson had pneumonia this spring, I was terrified and, just as you, held her for days and days, and if she felt up to anything, I let her do it. Hopefully, Blair got some sleep last night and that she is just a little more perky today. I know it will be a slow process. Hang in there! Hugs to you and Blair both!

Jamie said...

Praying for little Miss Blair!!!!
Hang in there Mommy!

Julia said...

I have been thinking of you guys non-stop and checking the blog compulsively. I hope she is feeling better today and you are hanging in there. I will start praying that this doesn't turn into pneumonia.

Jill said...

I am praying for Blair!