Saturday, January 16, 2010


Mmmmmm is usually what one says when one eats something yummy. In our house mmmmmm is what the COW says!

This one was checking us out. That's the truck's side mirror on the left.

Recently, Blair and I went to feed cows with Brad. As soon as we got in the pasture, Blair was perched up in her seat looking at everything!

We weren't too far from home so we didn't unbundle her for the ride. Yes, she is 15 months old and still meets the limits for the bucket infant seat. (But she usually rides in the Marathon.)

Looking at all the cows running towards us after they saw us coming.

Smiling at her daddy coming back from unlocking the gate.

Blair loves cows, except these cows are a little bold! They followed us all the way from the gate deep into the pasture, circling the trailer of peanut hay like buzzards after roadkill. One almost put her head through the truck window while she and I were sitting there!

This one acts like she didn't get fed yesterday. She couldn't wait for the hay to come off the trailer.

Brad tipped each bale of hay off of the trailer, and we watched. Once it scared Blair when we were standing outside the truck. We weren't even close, but that hay went rolling and she went to frowning -- big time! It's the same thing she does when the swinging door between the kitchen and dining room closes. She's terrified of that thing!

I think more than she likes the cows, Blair likes to drive the truck!