Thursday, January 28, 2010

Med-Surg. Maybe.

I survived my very first nursing school Med-Surg test. The only question: did my GPA survive it too? I had heard that the class is one of the hardest in the nursing curriculum. The thing is, the material itself is not that hard; in fact, I enjoy the lectures very much. It's critical thinking and applying it that makes it tough. (I think.) The tests in this class are largely based on the format of the NCLEX RN exam that we nursing students have to pass (after passing our way through nursing school, meg-surg included!) to be a Registered Nurse. I'm just going to work on Med-Surg for the moment. I have my hands full. On the recommendations of many, I did buy a few NCLEX style books to use in my preparation for this class, and it appears that I did the right thing. I will be preparing for the NCLEX as I prepare for Med-Surg tests, which I believe is a part of the whole point of the testing style. On my test today, it felt good to be able to use some of the strategies I learned from the books, but that test was still dang hard! Maybe I'm on the right track. Maybe I'll become a better critical thinker as I make my way through Med-Surg. Maybe. Next week when I get my grade, I'll find out how much better I have to get!