Friday, January 8, 2010

Making her Aunt Molly Proud

If you saw this post, you know that Blair loves horses. Last week when we sent Blair to Gigi's house in an unsuccessful attempt to keep her from getting our colds, Blair had a blast playing outside. She sat on and repeatedly slid off of Flint, the biggest horse my sister Molly has. Blair waited for the count to three and laughed and laughed as she slid off of Flint over and over again!

Look at me!

Hey down there, Gigi!

Getting ready.




And again!

Again, Gigi!

Sitting on Sobe.

And sliding on her too!


Jen O'Daniel said...

Adorable pictures and adorable jacket on Miss Blair! I saw in an earlier post that she was loving some clothes that she received as a gift, and she loves these horses... you had better start saving pennies today! Hehehe...

Molly said...

AW!!!! My babies! :)

I knew she'd be a horse girl!